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Frequently Asked Questions

Bleed is an area added to the edge of your artwork which includes any blocks of colour or background design which reaches the edge of the page.

Bleed is required on artwork when images, colour or text reach the edge of your page. To create a bleed, simply extend your image, colour or text 3mm over the edge of the page.  Alternatively, you can use the bleed settings within your design software to add bleed automatically to your PDF. When creating a print-ready PDF, ensure the PDF is large enough to incorporate the bleed.

If you supply a  job without bleed we will automatically enlarge it to cater for this. If you have text close to the edge it may be fractionally cut off once the file has been enlarged. Please be aware we do not check for objects that are too close to the edge.

Canva Bleed
Produced your artwork on Canva? In order to save this with bleed simply follow these instructions:

  1. Within your Canva account, go to download
  2. In the drop-down named file type select PDF Print
  3. Tick the box “crop marks and bleed”

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